Connecting the unconnectedProviding broadband network solutions for underserved and rural areas.

Fixed Wireless Broadband Networks

Ruralink Wireless is an innovative, solutions-driven company building wireless broadband networks in rural and underserved areas of North America, specifically targeting the 40 million people without reliable broadband Internet access.

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Fixed Wireless Broadband Networks

The Ruralink Wireless broadband network utilizes TV White Space and other lightly-licensed wireless spectrum to provide broadband Internet services to its customers.

Ruralink: TV White Space Hybrid Distribution System

Network elements marked with a red dot have been specifically developed for the Ruralink network.
Items marked with a blue dot are standards based mass-market network elements readily available to the public.

Ruralink National Rollout

ARK controls 283 TV broadcast licenses that cover over 100 million persons. The initial Ruralink deployments will focus on ARK rural markets covering about 44 million people.

Ruralink Network Rollout Map

Ruralink will deploy in concert with ARK Multicasting in markets below DMA 50 where there is a combination of underserved demand and marginal local ISPs.